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In my life, I’ve encountered many obstacles and setbacks, but each of them has brought me to a place of peace, confidence, and happiness. I’m passionate about helping those who have experienced life-changing events break free from limiting patterns. Through mindset work and inner reframing, I guide people to uncover their full potential and empower them to manifest the life they desire.

My own life-altering experience was severe physical abuse from my father, which caused multiple broken bones and blood on the brain, I even had bones and a fractured skull that had mended on their own. The case was taken to Crown court and was publicised in the national press “The riddle of the baby with the broken bones”, but my mother’s decision to leave my father when I was thirteen was a turning point. Her courage and determination broke the cycle of abuse, transforming our family’s path for generations to come.

Despite leading a fulfilling life, I was unaware of how my trauma influenced my decisions, leading my nervous system to function on autopilot. It wasn’t until I learned how to meditate at a Buddhist temple that I started to realise how much fear governed my choices and responses.  I recognised that I had never fully processed the trauma and how it influenced my view of myself and others.

Motivated to break the cycle and leave a positive legacy, I explored various healing modalities, including Reiki, Shamanic Healing, Tantra, Meditation, Hypnotherapy, Neural Energetic Encoding and Wiring, EFT, Clinical Breathwork and SWISH. This journey taught me that our experiences do not define us; we have the power to shift our perspective and create a new reality for ourselves.

As a coach, I believe every experience is an opportunity for growth and transformation. I utilize Neo-Tantric techniques and other modalities to guide my clients towards self-discovery and creating an optimistic inner world that aligns with their values and goals. By shifting their mindset from fear to love, empowerment, and joy, my clients learn to embrace themselves fully, attracting positive energy and people into their lives. This newfound self-love allows them to love the world around them.

Living your authentic life

“Tantric healing reminds us that our bodies are sacred, and through conscious touch and presence, we can experience profound healing and transformation.”

Tantric Energy Healing

“Tantric healing invites us to surrender to the present moment, embracing the divine union of body, mind, and spirit.”

Mindset Coaching

Mind, Body & Soul

Unleash potential, overcome obstacles, cultivate resilience, embrace growth, and thrive with a transformative mindset coach.

Clinical Breathwork

Heal trauma, reduce stress, enhance well-being, and deepen self-awareness through the power of clinical breathwork.

Practitioner Trainging

Embark on a transformative journey, master sacred practices, explore divine union, and become a skilled Tantric Practitioner through comprehensive training.

Couples Coaching

Enhance connection, foster communication, deepen intimacy, and strengthen your relationship through transformative couples coaching and guidance.

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Unlock your potential, achieve goals, overcome obstacles, and experience personal growth through empowering coaching programs tailored to your unique needs.

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“Feel the pulse of life within, ignite your somatic energy, and let it flow, fueling your vibrant existence.”